To reach peak performance,
you need insights from
premier power industry events.

Right Hand Reports
make power & electric utility industry events
memorable and shareable
(whether you attend them or not)

Gain access to more power industry events

Save travel time, budget, and hassle

Add value to events you do attend

Sharpen your competitive edge

Those working in and with the power industry are facing more challenges than ever before. They’re also required to make  decisions about issues with long-term consequences faster than they used to. That’s why it’s critical to stay current with the latest power industry trends and thought-leaders.

Events can be a great way to do that, especially when they include panel discussions, which can unearth insights not shared in corporate announcements and news stories. But events also pose challenges:

  • Events in the power and electric utility space are proliferating while travel budgets are shrinking.
  • It’s difficult to make time for all the key events that could help inform forward business planning when you have to travel to technology-specific or topic-specific events and trade shows.
  • It’s hard to attend and take notes on key sessions in addition to networking.

Right Hand Reports helps solve these problems by providing exclusive, independent coverage of highly curated events. No more FOMO (fear of missing out)!

Events chosen for coverage have broad significance for professionals involved in, or interested in, the power and electric utility business. Right Hand Reports can be your eyes and ears across the sector, letting you concentrate on attending events that promise the highest return for your specific needs. And, if you’re attending one or more of the events selected for coverage, you can focus on your immediate business objectives, knowing you’ll have a professional report produced without any effort on your part.

About a week after each event, you’ll receive an email with a pdf report clearly covering all the major event components. It will remind you of what you heard—or missed, if you couldn’t attend. You can easily add comments and notes to the report, share it with your staff or management, and file it for future reference.

Right Hand Reports are ideal for:

  • Power generation, transmission, and distribution owners and operators at all executive and management levels
  • Utility regulators and other policy makers
  • Equipment and service providers
  • Legal counsel, financial advisors, and investment firms
  • Power industry and utility consultants

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